A Letter from Todd Simmons


Chief Executive Officer, Simmons Foods

Chief Executive Officer, Simmons Foods


Welcome to Simmons and thanks for showing interest in our family business. My Grandfather started the company back in 1949, and the same hard work and new ways of doing things that drove him to found the company back then still drive us today. We not only work as a team, we consider each other family. Our mission statementsays “The People of Simmons are Building a Great Company Using Innovative Ideas to Provide Quality Food Products and Services to a Changing World.”

“People of Simmons are building...” paints a picture of hardworking, bootstrap people who continually try to make things better — every day. We are real people who care about each other, the products we produce, and the customers we serve. We recognize we aren’t perfect, but if we work together we can leave every day better than the last.

When people ask me what a “Great Company” is, I tell them it’s a place you would want to spend your career. It’s also a place you would want family and friends to work alongside you. We spend most of our waking hours at work, so we feel it’s important that we create a place where people will be listened to and know their job makes a difference. One of the drivers of our work is called Simmons B.E.S.T, or Better, Easier, Safer, Today. We want to engage all of our team members at every level in the company to make their jobs, products, and processes Better, Easier, and Safer today! We teach our team members easy to use rules, principles and tools to help improve the quality, safety, and cost of their workplace and the products we produce.

We’re a family owned business, and we intend to keep it that way. We want to grow a business that is able to last for generations. We want that for our family and yours. Our goal is to see generations of family members working together in our company. Please tell your friends and your family about our company and what we stand for: Integrity, Respect, Hard Work, Family Values, and Innovation.

We are proud of the products we make! Our chicken products feed millions of families in homes and in restaurants around the world. Our pet food products and feed ingredients help feed the animals that we love as a part of our families. Come join the team at Simmons Foods and be a part of something Great!

Thank you for your time and interest in our company.

Todd Simmons
Chief Executive Officer, Simmons Foods